Personal Information Request

This form is for persons who wish to make a request regarding personal information we may have in our records. 


Instructions for Using the Personal Information Request Form.

      • To help us find information faster, please fill in as much information as you know in the form fields provided.

      • The form asks for information that was correct during the time of your relationship with CBRES.

      • The form requires your current email address and phone number.

      • IF YOU WANT TO CORRECT YOUR INFORMATION, please put the changed information in the Message Space, headed by “MY CORRECTED INFORMATION.

We will respond to your request within thirty (30) days. If you have questions or comments in the meantime, you may also contact us directly as shown below.


Consumer Personal Data Request
Your role with CBRES. This information helps to to more quickly research our records. Please select all that may apply.
Your instructions regarding your information that may be in your files and records.

We will respond to  your request within thrity (30) days.  If you have questions or comments in the meantime, please consult the contact information at the bottom of this page.


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