A Federally Regulated Appraisal Management Company

Appraisal Services

David Reitzel
President – CEO

We are committed to provide outstanding service, tailored to the business needs of our clients.

  • Every appraisal is performed by a certified professional with demonstrated local market knowledge
  • Every appraisal gets a thorough quality review before delivery to client
  • Our review process is in three parts
  1. A fitness review of all appraisals before forwarding to FNMA and FHLMC;
  2. A review of the Submission Summary Report (SSR) to determine quality concerns; and
  3. An internal Enhanced Review of each appraisal prior to submission to the client

Value for clients

Real -Time updates

Our technology keeps you informed every step of the way with a complete order tracking log and online/email updates. You will have 24-hour access to files and quick response time.

Borrower Report Delivery

An email can be sent to the borrower providing a link containing the appraisal report once completed. Our system allows us to select a specified time if a delay is required for review prior to sending the appraisal to the borrower.

A Delivery Certificate

When sending an appraisal to the borrower, a delivery certificate is automatically forwarded to the client indicating the appraisal has been sent to borrower.

Appraiser selection in strict compliance with industry and federal compliance guidelines

  • Quality Score
  • CU Score
  • Vendor notes
  • Turn Time
  • Open Orders
  • Certification Level
  • Service Area
  • Open Orders with this client
  • Distance from subject – Geographic Competency

3rd-party client operating system integrations

If we do not have a product listed, please contact John Noonan.