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My name is Lee Currin, Owner of Currin Appraisals. I have been appraising since 1999. Prior to appraising property I had the responsibility overseeing multi-million customer service department. I have spoken several times to your Customer Service Reps on different appraisals. Your company hands down stands above the level of customer support received from competing entities. Thanks!

Lee Currin
Currin Appraisals


I want to thank you and your great staff for always taking my call. I have 40 years of appraisal experience and have worked with numerous banks and AMC’s. Your AMC is top shelf and I appreciate your professionalism, candor and high respect for appraisers. I have never been asked to compromise my integrity and always felt like you have my back. Your fees and turn times are reasonable. Your reviewers are reasonable and professional as well. It is my honor to work with your AMC! Thanks again for a great experience!

Dr. J. Craig Julian, SRA, AI-RRS, ASA, IFA
General State Certified Appraiser in North and South Carolina


I am a 25-year veteran in mortgage lending, but new to working with an appraisal management company.  I am pleasantly surprised to discover that CBRES is a very important part of our mortgage lending process.  Initially I was concerned about appraisals that were not done in-house.  However, now our customers think CBRES are our employees.

I have experienced two appraisals and both of them have been seamless. I liked all the extra emails that you do (home has been inspected, etc.). It is never one big thing with CBRES, it’s the series of little things that defines who you are. It is the underlining attitude behind it all. It is not just an empty phrase )like “my pleasure” at Chick-fil-a) it’s the can-do attitude behind it that makes it work.

Recently, I went through the process of having an appraiser (that I worked with for 20 years) added to your list. He was met with a great attitude with whomever he talked to. He called me afterward and told me the person he spoke to was awesome; a friendly and “good-person” type. While I understand that I cannot communicate directly with the you or your appraiser, it’s important to have the communication be so seamless and efficient that it “feels” like am “dealing direct”.

So, here is a shout out to you folks. All these little things you do make a big difference in the customer experience. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Thank you.

Mike Newbauer NMLS:54692
Truliant Mortgage


During the past year, we have changed our business profile from a mortgage broker to a mortgage lender and rebranded our name. Because of our great relationship, we were able to seamlessly change over to the Encompass LOS. John and the team at CBRES made these profile changes quickly and worked to integrate the ordering process easier from within Encompass. Each person at CBRES will step in and make the calls to obtain clarifications and keep you informed. Over the years our trust and appreciation of each person at CBRES has been rewarding to us and to our customers.

True success requires great partners.

Thank you
Compliance and Project Manager


Bank of The James Mortgage has been using Community Bank Real Estate Solutions for well over 10 years. They have always been very accommodating and will go the extra mile to make sure we are taken care of. I personally, highly recommend this AMC.

Rhonda Mills
SVP & Mortgage Operations Manager
Bank of the James Mortgage


Community Bank Real Estate Solutions (CBRES) delivers superior customer service, along with a warm and caring personal touch. First National Bank has enjoyed the partnership with CBRES and looks forward to continued success. Working with Community Bank Real Estate Solutions has been a great experience!

Jane H Williams
Mortgage Appraisal Coordinator
First National Bank


Chadwell Appraisal Company has enjoyed working with CBRES in processing appraisal orders. We find them very professional, courteous, prompt and easy to work with over the years. We would definitely recommend them for their services.

James and Shannon Chadwell


I appreciate working with you and your staff and have enjoyed our relationship over the past several years. It is difficult to find a client who is invested in more than just the process and brings a personal touch to the business. Being able to speak to or email you directly rather than go through an outsourced help desk really makes life easier and turn time faster.

I look forward to a continued relationship.

Chris Chrisawn


Working for Community Bank Real Estate Solutions has been a real pleasure. They pay a fair appraisal fee and always pay promptly. More importantly, unlike most of the large national appraisal management companies, you get treated like a real person, with respect and professional courtesy. I wish all AMCs were as enjoyable to work with as CBRES.

R. Scott Bryson


Community Bank Real Estate Solutions is a great company to do business with in this AMC/Appraisal Environment. It’s always nice to talk to a real live appraiser that has been in the field rather than someone just going through a checklist. Fair pay, once a week. Fair, honest people. An easy platform to upload reports and keep everyone in the loop.

What more could you want in an AMC?

David Massey, Appraiser

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