Welcome New Employees!

During the year 2015, CBRES has welcomed three new employees: John Noonan, Lisa Cooper and Denise Bryson. Each one has worked in the appraisal business bringing many years of appraisal service experience. Please join us in congratulating our new employees as our company continues to grow.

John Noonan VP/Compliance ManangerJohn Noonan
VP/Compliance Manager

John Noonan joined CBRES in February 2015 as our new Compliance Manager. His professional career spans 29 years and has centered on Real Estate. John’s career opportunities have provided him with the ability to see three distinct sides of the mortgage transaction process: working as a field appraiser, managing mortgage appraisal and credit operations as well as managing operations and review departments for various AMC companies throughout the country.

Lisa Cooper QALisa Cooper
Quality Assurance

Lisa joined CBRES in August 2015 as our Quality Assurance Team Leader. Prior to working for CBRES, Lisa worked for an appraisal firm in Hickory. She was responsible for maintaining office efficiency, productivity, and order workflow.

Denise Bryson Vendor Mgt / Client RelationsDenise Bryson
Vendor Management/Client Relations

Denise joined us in September 2015 and comes to CBRES with over 15 years in appraisal management experience. Denise excels in customer service and the logistics of Vendor Management.

Devin’s New Role

Devin Page QADevin Page
Quality Assurance

Devin is not a new employee, however, we wanted to take the time to share Devin’s new role in CBRES. In May 2015, Devin moved to Louisiana. Although he is no longer working in the day-to-day operations for CBRES, he is now providing offsite Quality Assurance duties to assist in maintaining our efficiency to our clients.

Employee Departure

Mavis St. Pierre Mavis St. Pierre’s last day with CBRES will be 12/24/2015. She started in 2009 when CBRES opened its doors and helped us grow. Mavis, we say thank you to all your years spent with CBRES and the many hours worked to make sure our clients and appraisers received the best service. We wish Mavis success on her future endeavors.

Department Notes

CBRES is continually looking for better ways to assist you. In order to be more efficient, we have focused our tasks and contacts in the following way:

AMC Compliance

For any questions or concerns, please contact our compliance officer John Noonan at jnoonan@cbresolutions.com.

  • Please note that in the event that John is unavailable, we also have a staff of in-house appraisers who would be available to address your questions.

Vendor Management – Denise Bryson and Sue Hardman

If you have an appraiser that needs to be added to our roster, or just need to update a profile for an existing appraiser, Denise and Sue are your contacts at dbryson@cbresolutions.com or sehardman@cbresolutions.com.

  • Please keep your license and E&O documents current and remember to update the dates in the profile section.
  • If your coverage has changed, please also take time to update this section by going to Setup, locate My Profile, and scroll down to the Click here for Enhanced Coverage Area section.

Order Placement – Barbara Caraballo

Barbara CaraballoIf you have questions before accepting an order, your point of contact is at bcaraballo@cbresolutions.com.

  • Please read the notes and scope of work in its entirety before accepting.
  • For prompt assistance, please always use the Email Office link or contact us by phone. Please only use the status section for personal notes.

Order Acceptance/Scheduling/Due Date Expectations – Denise Bryson

Please contact Denise at dbryson@cbresolutions.com if there are any issues while setting up an appointment. She will also be sending reminders when an order is near due.

  • Contact is expected to be made within 24 of accepting the report. Please remember to status your reports as frequent as possible to keep us updated on the progress.
  • Please notify us as soon as possible if there are any delays coupled with the reason.

Quality Assurance – Lisa Cooper, Devin Page and John Noonan

Lisa and Devin will continue to provide Quality Assurance for our clients by making sure all appraisal requirements are met prior to product delivery. For appraisal questions, please contact Lisa at lcooper@cbresolutions.com or John jnoonan@cbresolutions.com.

  • Please make sure your current license is included within the report.

Payroll or Financial Questions – Sue Hardman

Sue Hardman For questions about payroll or finances, please contact Sue at sehardman@cbresolutions.com.