Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

The AVM is a quick way to form preliminary opinions (or reinforce existing viewpoints) on property valuations. The AVM is not intended to replace an appraisal of market value where such an appraisal is required. Our AVM is a powerful, pro-grade program (think Zillow® on steroids.) The cost is a reasonable $40 per property search. (Volume pricing is available.)

What can you learn from our AVM?

  • Predicted Market Value
  • Property Features and Location
  • Market Comparable Analysis
  • List of recent comps by date and distance

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How an AVM may be used:

  • Eliminate properties that won’t qualify as “investor grade”
  • Determine if a sufficient number of comparables exist to establish appraisal value that will satisfy investors
  • Get independent input, prior to committing significant resources to underwrite a property
  • Get supplemental information prior to ordering an appraisal
  • Get quick info to determine the marketability of foreclosures and REO
  • To understand the compliance limitations of these tools, you may wish to read Guidance provided by the FDIC in FIL-82-2010.