Real Estate Lenders

Forget what you know about Appraisal Management Companies. We’re different. We’re better.

Our company is managed by accredited, licensed and experienced appraisers who are assisted by a top-notch administrative staff. We offer a network of expert appraisers across the US. Our appraisers are ethical, experienced and certified. They are required to have (or to develop) an intimate knowledge of the local valuations in the markets in which they operate. (NOTE: when performing a FNMA and FHLMC appraisal, we require our appraisers to have pre-existing geographic competency.)

We speed up your pipeline delivery with UCDP-compliant appraisals

We have the software, the systems and the technical support to deliver UCDP-compliant appraisals to the investor. Our speed and efficiency improves our lenders’ bottom line and keeps their customers happy. We deliver predictable, consistent and fully compliant appraisals on time and in budget.

Un-Blocking the Investor Pipeline

As of March 19, 2012, the investor appraisal submission process required each lender to submit appraisals in conformance with UCDP. The result has slowed down the lender’s pipeline. Given the economic realities, this could not have come at a worse time for lender revenues. The bottom line: slow appraisal delivery (including submission of UCDP format) means slower closing times and reduced revenues. CBRES is the solution to this problem.

Our business model is designed to benefit real estate lenders

We deliver, every day, independent, market-sensitive appraisals that are fully compliant with FNMA and FHLMC, USPAP and the federal compliance rules of the Truth-in-Lending Act and the Dodd-Frank Act. Our appraisal management services are designed to win the confidence of local appraisers.

Appraisal reviews

Our review process is in two parts: (1) we use an automated program to perform a fitness review, to catch errors before submitting all appraisals to FNMA and FHLMC; (2) we also regularly perform internal Enhanced Technical Reviews to evaluate compliance.

Seamless connection to CALYX

For those lenders who use CALYX loan software, an appraisal can be ordered from us from inside the CALYX program, maximizing efficiency.


Our clients (and our appraisers) understand we’re different – and better. We encourage you to contact our references and learn how we do business. We’re sure you’ll be happy with what you hear – be sure to ask our clients and appraisers for feedback concerning our service and fees.

We have the bandwidth to accept new clients

We welcome your inquiry. We make it simple to get started. Download all the documents you need to get signed up with us. If you have questions, please contact us today.