Greetings from Community Bank Real Estate Solutions – CBRES!

Barbara Caraballo

Barbara Caraballo

As the newest member of CBRES, I just wanted to take time to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Barbara Caraballo.I am bilingual (fluent in English and Spanish) and can serve as your Spanish contact for CBRES. I was hired by Chris Brookshire this past August 2013 to assist with the turn-around time, among few other things. As a way to improve our ongoing relationship, I first of all would like to say a huge THANK YOU to both our clients and our appraisers.

To our clients, thank you for choosing CBRES as your AMC source. We honestly appreciate the work you send to us, and we extensively research our appraiser listing to get an expert appraiser to complete the job. The work you do is amazing, as you provide the ability for hundreds, if not thousands of people to accomplish their dreams of owning a home or provide a financial source through their homes for people to accomplish their goals. We thank you for making us part of your team in helping contribute to those achievements. 

To all of our appraisers who work hard in getting the work requested done. I’m not an appraiser myself, but I’ve heard stories of bad weather, incredible travels, and unforeseen situations of which are just sometimes out of your hands, and still you get the job done. I think of all of our appraisers as part of the team, because that is what we are. We work alongside to get the reports requested from our clients to you and from you to our clients. 

As the New Year starts, I would just like to provide a few tips to assist all parties in being able to come together and get a better result in the appraisal process:


  1. Review due dates and explain what is needed for the report to be complete. Ex. Does the Lender require any special conditions to be met?
  2. Reminder: A due date of 3 business days or less is considered a Rush Order and there is an additional fee for this request.
  3. Make sure all the contacts and documents are provided or provide a source for the appraiser to get documents needed.
  4. Use the “Email Office” or “Click here to reply” links to communicate any requests. Emails sent outside of the order may be missed. Also, we keep record of outside communication and have to take time to include these in the order.
  5. Respond to messages in a timely manner.
  6. Requests or revisions on a completed report may be done through the “Email Office” link located at the top of the order. Please allow 24/48 hours for some requests to be completed. If a request is urgent, please indicate this and if possible, follow-up with a phone call. Please do not make all requests urgent.


  1. Research the order and property before accepting. Ex. Is the due date acceptable, is it a complex property, is the fee correct, is the contact information complete, etc.
  2. Read the clients special notes in the order. There may be a specific request that was made to an order that you may have missed.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the system and provide updates at least every 24/48 hours or when it seems necessary. Ex. If the contact is not responding and the due date is getting closer, we have no way of knowing what is happening. Of course, if you have scheduled an appointment 5 days from your last update, we probably do not need an update until then.
  4. Respond to emails and other requests in a timely manner. Please remember the best communication method will be though the “Email Office” link or in the “Click here to reply” link after you receive a message.
  5. Approaching due date: I will send these about 1-2 days prior. If I missed the date, I may send a courtesy reminder the same day.

Tip: You may provide your Estimated Time within the order. It is located at the bottom of the order. Please only use this as the due date is approaching, as unfortunately I will not be able to see the exact time this section was last updated, but I will review this section and use this information as the due date. If you need an extension, please ask through the “Email Office” link.

I hope this information helps all parties in the future. I look forward to working with you all! 


Barbara Caraballo
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