Working With Us


How we work with our appraisers

Our business model is designed to forge ethical alliances with local appraisers.

  • We want appraisers working only in areas where they are competent or willing to spend the time to become competent.
  • We will give appraisers a reasonable turn-around-time based on the complexity of the assignment and will ask for input where practical.
  • We ask appraisers to register with us, filling out a forms package that helps us understand their experience and competencies.
  • We pay appraisers reasonable and customary fees weekly, not requiring the appraiser to wait until closing for payment.
  • We ask appraisers to authorize payments by electronic drafts to their checking accounts. Once we receive the authorization, we’ll deposit payments directly into the account. Our ACH payment saves time and money. Plus, it provides a way to track all completed assignments and payments.

We understand some AMCs have operated in an unregulated, if not irresponsible, fashion long enough. We intend to operate fairly, ethically and we welcome reasonable regulation. For our appraisers

  • We will never ask to control your signature or seal
  • We will not mine data from your reports to sell to others
  • We will not unlock your appraisals
  • We will never make or attempt to make any additions, deletions or changes to your report

Appraiser references

Please free to go here and make inquiries about us. We are confident you’ll be happy with what you hear. Be sure to ask about out service and our fees.

Appraiser form downloads

All the documents you need to get signed up can be downloaded here. If you have questions, please contact us.

Dedicated appraiser hotline

Our hotline is 877-965-4010. You may call us with any concerns, any time.