A Federally Regulated Appraisal Management Company
providing superior real estate valuation and settlement services

David Reitzel
President – CEO

Built from the ground up to deliver superior service to lenders

  • We take a personalized approach on every order received
  • Our appraisals are performed by certified appraisers with local market knowledge
  • We provide accurate, independent and compliant appraisals
  • Turnaround time is understood to be a critical need
  • The founders and daily management continue to be certified appraisers

We simplify the lenders life.

Our lender clients don’t have to deal with finding or engaging qualified appraisers. Neither do they have to worry about appraisals which may be delivered with errors, particularly compliance errors. We become the lender’s agent and take on the responsibility (and worry) in their behalf.

Here’s how we work:

  • We identify and select the most suitable, professional, certified, market-qualified appraiser as a match for the client’s appraisal order.
  • We supply all the information the appraiser needs, including making the appraiser aware of our client’s internal risk policies.
  • We perform quality reviews of each submitted appraisal to ensure completeness and compliance with industry and regulatory standards.
  • We manage the process to ensure timely delivery, including coping with last minute amendments to the appraisal order that sometimes arise.
  • We understand that disputes (for example a question about comparables) may come up. In that case, we make sure all supplied information is provided to the appraiser for his review and subsequent decision.
  • We pay our appraisers weekly.

Want to talk about partnering with us?

We would love to provide more details about how we work with institutions like yours. Contact us or call at 877-965-4010. We look forward to talking with you.