What Our Appraisers and Customers Are Saying About Us

We are very attuned in to our performance. We aren’t satisfied until our customer and business partners are satisfied. We work hard to create a “partnership” environment. We know there’s always room for improvement, but, so far, our clients and appraisers are pleased. Feel free to contact them directly.

Chadwell Appraisal Company has enjoyed working with CBRES in processing appraisal orders. We find them very professional, courteous, prompt and easy to work with over the years. We would definitely recommend them for their services.

James and Shannon Chadwell
Chadwell Appraisal Company

I appreciate working with you and your staff and have enjoyed our relationship over the past several years. It is difficult to find a client who is invested in more than just the process and brings a personal touch to the business. Being able to speak to or email you directly rather than go through an outsourced help desk really makes life easier and turn time faster.

I look forward to a continued relationship.

Chris Chrisawn
Chrisawn Appraisals

You guys make my life so much easier.

Angie Marshall
Liberty Mortgage

Working for Community Bank Real Estate Solutions has been a real pleasure. They pay a fair appraisal fee and always pay promptly. More importantly, unlike most of the large national appraisal management companies, you get treated like a real person, with respect and professional courtesy. I wish all AMCs were as enjoyable to work with as CBRES.

R. Scott Bryson
Leamon & Associates, LLC

I am amazed!!!! In the world of wait wait wait, you have been a constant beam of efficiency for me!

Joetta Schuler
Advantage Mortgage Group, Ltd

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the appraisal report prepared… The scope of the appraisal was excellent. We had a piece of property purchased at foreclosure, with renovations completed and renovations in the process. The appraiser was able to find similar comps with renovation work along with comps that had renovated to the point of our borrower’s property. In the past 30 years I have looked at quite a few appraisals and this was a winner. Excellent Job!!!!

Anita Clinebell, President
American Financial Corp. of Va.

Community Bank Real Estate Solutions delivers exceptional customer service along with a warm and caring personal touch. While working with CBRES in the last two years Capital Bank has received outstanding personal attention; no matter how busy the Staff may be we always receive quick courteous turn times, answers to our questions along with timely resolutions.

Linda Lane, Vice President Residential Mortgage Lending Operations

Community Bank Real Estate Solutions is a great company to do business with in this AMC/Appraisal Environment. It’s always nice to talk to a real live appraiser that has been in the field rather than someone just going through a checklist. Fair pay, once a week. Fair, honest people. An easy Platform to upload reports and keep everyone in the loop. What more could you want in an AMC?

David Massey, Appraiser